Instant Floppy Miscellaneous - Trudeau Demo

If you can see this text, the demo probably doesn't work. Oh well. Ask one of your friends to try it, or if you have no friends ask a stranger. They generally seem willing to help.

This is a demo of the iOS dark/light theme CSS switch, introduced in iOS 13.
I decided to use a great example of the duality of man; current Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as he is in an official photograph, and as he is in a picture of him in blackface. Whatever way you change it on your phone, flip the switch from light to dark and watch Prime Minister Trudeau become an offensive depiction of a black man.
At the time of writing, this is only possible to do on an iPhone running iOS 13 or later (which is only available on iPhone 6 and the later models). Maybe it's possible on macOS and others but I haven't tested it.

Justin Trudeau in blackface. Your typical picture of Justin Trudeau. He's white in this one (and most others).

Source: Time

Source: Time

Watch it in action: GIF (22.3MB) / MP4 (5.4MB) / WEBM (1.6MB)

A thing made by Deven Blake, 2019 (updated 2020). Please steal with credit. Also, if any cool tech people see this - please, email me the ways I'm screwing up with the HTML! I love to learn and I know it's probably bad.